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Collecting Fine Art for Pleasure & Profit

Paintings By: Bailey, Dusseau, Secunda

Prints By: Alexander Chen, Biss, Byram, Chemiakin, Kimura, King, Kouba, Kravjansky, Nesbitt, Nowlin, Noyer, Papart, Rothe, Secunda, Trippetti, Wong Shue, Vasarely and over 50 additional Artists

Sculpture & Tapestry By: Alvar, Goodnough, Kieff, Picasso, Secunda

Wildlife: Over three-hundred (300) different pieces by Les Kouba

Plus works by more than fifty (50) additional artists…

Those who buy for beauty have profit assured in the pleasure of ownership

Our business is to provide the services and assistance which enable you to collect art for pleasure and profit. Most new clients are surprised at how quickly their taste changes and develops with a little information and exposure to fine art.

Beginning collectors often select traditional art with subjects they recognize and understand. For these reasons, they tend to lose interest and barely notice their art after a short period of time. Modern or contemporary art provides new things for the viewer to see on a continuing basis and provide people to grow in their enjoyment and interest in art.

In a world where so much is designed to be disposable, a fine art collection offers lasting value.


Art Buyers need to know what they are, or are not, getting when buying art. Original art has been created by the hand of the artist. This includes paintings and printing plates or silk screens created by the hand of the artist. Digitally printed art, and offset lithographs, are not original art, only reproductions of art and have little value.

Original works of art are not normally purchased for decoration, such as to match the carpeting, drapes, etc. Each piece of original art should be viewed as a person and thus stand alone without regard for being a part of the decorating. Each piece of art should be framed to complement the art and hung on the wall wherever you want to view it. Any style of art may hang next to whatever other piece of art you want.

When inviting guests to your home, you don’t provide them with color samples so they match the sofa or other decor. Each of them stands alone as should each piece of fine art you hang on the wall. Many designers and art dealers are recommending art to compliment the decor. This should not be how you select and hang fine art. Each piece should stand alone and be enjoyed accordingly.